If you’re not familiar with smile design, you must visit your trusted smile dentist clinic. It’s basically the process of using cosmetic dentistry procedures to help improve the overall appearance of your smile. Some of the procedures that are often used to complete your smile makeover include composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers and tooth implants. For those who want to enjoy a more beautiful smile that complements the rest of their appearance, making over your smile is an excellent cosmetic dentistry choice.

smile design

When you decide to have a smile makeover completed, your makeover will take several things into consideration. To develop a wonderful smile, your skin tone, teeth, lips, gum tissue, hair colour and facial appearance will all be taken into consideration. You can consider the things that you dislike about your teeth or your smile. The following are just some of the aspects of your smile that will be reviewed by you and your cosmetic dentist before working to makeover your smile.

The Colour of Your Teeth

First, smile design will take into consideration the colour of your teeth. Both colour and shading should be considered when deciding on and preparing for a variety of different cosmetic procedures. Keep in mind, discoloured or dark teeth can make you look older. Whiter teeth can make you look younger. You and your dentist can choose the right tooth colour for you, based upon your hair colour, skin tone and more. This way you have a brighter, natural-looking smile.

Tooth Spacing and Alignment

The spacing and alignment of your teeth are considered as well when you are preparing for a new smile design. Veneers, orthodontics and Invisalign can all be used to improve alignment and spacing of teeth, dealing with problems like gapping, overlapping and crooked teeth.

Missing Teeth

When you are missing a tooth, or several teeth, this can definitely impact your smile. Not only can missing teeth have a cosmetic effect, but it can cause other problems as well. Replacing these teeth can improve your smile and can be done with bridges, partial dentures and implants.

Of course, many other things are taken into consideration when you’ve decided to have a smile design makeover down. Cracked and chipped teeth can be improved upon, face shaping can be improved upon and many other aesthetic components can come together to provide you with a more beautiful smile. Always make sure you choose a quality cosmetic dentist to ensure you get quality results.

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