Infection control is a crucial part of our daily practice at Healthy Smiles. We routinely follow infection control procedures to keep you and our staff safe. It helps in the reduction of risks of acquiring viruses and diseases through transmission. Potential infection usually comes from blood and saliva or contaminated appliances and equipment in a poorly maintained dental clinic.

At Healthy Smiles, We Follow Strict Infection Control Measures to Keep You Safe

Infection Control Principles

As a member of the Australian Dental Association, Healthy Smiles has always prioritized the health of the customers. We follow a rigorous infection control program. Our staff, including the dentists, have received training on Infection Control Policies that are in line with the rules and regulations set by the authorities. All the infection control procedures are reviewed regularly and updates are implemented as recommended by the Australian Dental Association.

Infection Control Protocols and Hygiene Standards

Our current infection control procedures are in line with the mandatory regulations to be followed by all dental clinics. Along with these, we have additionally developed some hygiene procedures that minimise the risk of infection for both patients and dental practitioners.

  • All patients are provided with disposable face masks and gloves when entering our facility. They are also asked to sanitize their hands before proceeding for their check-up.
  • We use plastic barriers and disposal materials.
  • Patients are given a disinfecting mouth rinse before the treatment can commence.
  • The worktops and dental chairs are sanitised between every patient check-up. All the surfaces that are touched frequently are decontaminated using an effective disinfectant regularly.
  • We try to use disposable instruments when possible that are disposed of in special medical waste containers carefully. All types of contaminated materials are disposed of cautiously and the tools and equipment used are sterilized after every use. At Healthy Smiles, we use an autoclave to kills sterilized the tools. The device uses pressure, steam, and heat to kill the bacteria and viruses. The tools are stored properly, so they are ready for use for the next check-up or surgery.
  • All the equipment is inspected routinely and well-maintained.
  • The water-lines at Healthy Smiles is cleaned often and disinfected at regular intervals or as instructed by the Australian Dental Association.

Healthy Smiles Sterilisation Centre

Infection Control Principles

We have a dedicated sterilization centre at Healthy Smiles, which you can take a tour of to understand how we try to uphold the infection control procedures at our clinic. You can request one of our staff members to give you a tour of our sterilization centre to see how we use the autoclave to sterilize all the tools.

We are Allergen-Free Dental Practitioners

A clinic has a centralized vacuum system and laboratory that work efficiently to get rid of aerosols, odours, and dust that may be irritable for several patients visiting our dental office.

Dental Amalgam Waste Management

At Healthy Smiles, we prevent the mercury and waste amalgam from seeping into the water supply. It is an important regulation set by the Melbourne Water to be followed by all dental practitioners under the Dentists for Cleaner Water Program. The amalgam waste is separated using a good quality Australian Dental Association approved amalgam separator.

Our staff handling the process of separating amalgam use disposable protective equipment such as protective eyewear/shield, masks, and gloves. We also use a rubber dam as an isolation technique along with dual suction evacuators to ensure that none of our patients inhale or ingest the waste amalgam.

The Australian Dental Association requires that all dental clinics to store amalgam waste in a covered plastic container and then have it recycled in an approved amalgam recycler. Healthy Smiles follows these rules stringently so you and our staff are safe from any risks of being infected.

Oral Treatments in a Healthy and Safe Environment at Healthy Smiles

Infection Control Principles

Healthy Smiles offers a clean and infection-free environment to all the patients that come for oral check-ups and treatments. You can expect to have yourself or your family treated in a safe and reliable environment.

You can book your dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details:

Healthy Smiles Dental Group

  • Office Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130
  • Phone Number: 03 9877 2035
  • WhatsApp Number: 0420676453
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