White, bright teeth have become synonymous with a healthy, beautiful smile. After all, it is your smile that most people notice when they first see you. For individuals who want a brighter, whiter smile, Healthy Smiles offers a variety of teeth whitening services, ensuring that you get the teeth whitening results that you want for a more beautiful smile.

Here is a closer look at the services we offer if you are interested in teeth whitening.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Before treating you with any of the teeth whitening services offered at Healthy Smiles, it is important that you talk to your best cosmetic dentist to find out if whitening is really the right choice for you. Whitening services may not be the best choice for everyone, so you should have a dental check-up and a consultation with one of our dentists first. After an examination, our dentists can help you decide if teeth whitening is right for you, and if it is, they can help you choose the right option from the teeth whitening services that we provide.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

While there are many over the counter teeth whitening options to choose from today, in-office whitening usually offers the best results. In-office whitening usually offers patients long lasting results as well, so you do not require whitening as often. We offer in-office teeth whitening services, including cutting edge teeth bleaching techniques.

The Zoom teeth whitening system has become a popular choice among dental patients today, and we are proud to offer this technologically advanced whitening treatment. What most of our patients really appreciate about Zoom whitening is how little time it actually requires in the office. In most cases, the whitening procedure is completed from start to finish in just an hour, or less. This means you can get the whitening you require without having to spend a large portion of your day in the dentists’ office.

Zoom teeth whitening works by using a special bleaching gel and then activating it with the special Zoom light. Once you are in the office, teeth are prepared for the procedure, the gel is added to your teeth and then the Zoom curing light is used to activate the gel, providing the whitening results. This in-office whitening procedure offers more significant results that you will ever get with a home whitening kit that you bought over the counter.

Home Upkeep Kits

Many people are concerned about keeping their brighter, whiter smile after they have in-office teeth whitening performed. However, after your Zoom procedure, our dentists will provide you with splints designed especially for your mouth, as well as some whitening gel that can be used with the splints at home. Sending home patients with these upkeep kits allows them to maintain a white, bright smile by using these home kits every few months to keep teeth looking white and beautiful.

We also offer touch up teeth whitening treatments that you can have performed in the office to make sure you maintain that beautiful, white smile. Our goal is to provide you with all the teeth whitening services you need to get and keep that beautiful, healthy, white smile that you want. You will never have to hide your smile again after using our whitening services.

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