Are you wearing dentures now? Teeth loss due to aging can make many changes to our set of pearly whites. And dentures can be handy tools if you don’t want to commit to permanent teeth replacement options such as dental implants. The only catch is to care for dentures habitually and appropriately. It can be a heady task, for those who do not know how to look after it.

Guess what, fortunately, we have got some tips to guide you through this new phase in life. Read to know the right ways to look after your dentures and make the most of them. Happy reading!

Top 5 Tips to Look After Your Dentures

Here are some tips that you should look after the dentures

1. Remove and wear your dentures gently

When we are new to dentures, chances are that we find it difficult to remove and wear them right. It takes practice to make things perfect. Do not force your new dentures on your gums in a hurry. Be gentle. Take time to place them and remove them gently. If not done right, you may hurt the insides of your mouth. We don’t want that. Being gentle when handling them and attentive to any bruises is one way to make sure you don’t hurt your gums.

2. Take your time adjusting to them

Not unlike the art of wearing and removing them, getting used to chewing your food with new dentures also takes time. It may not feel anything like your natural teeth in the beginning. A helpful way to adjust to chewing your food with dentures is by starting with soft foods first. Take simple and wholesome meals that neither stress your dentures and gums nor deprive you of nutrition. Once you feel comfortable enough to chew easy food, you can gradually move towards normal food items that your dentist has allowed you to eat.

3. Cleaning your dentures right is the key

As obvious, one of the most important parts of caring for the dentures is to clean them right. Removing and cleaning them after every meal with running water is the first step. Rinse your mouth for added benefits! Overnight soaking of dentures in water and cleaning solution, to keep them moist, should be done as per dentist’s advice and denture manufacturer’s instructions. It helps clean all the bacteria build-up and keeps them moist which is often not possible as we tend to have a dry mouth as we age. Remember to thoroughly rinse them with tap water before wearing them back.

4. Do not try and use teeth whitening toothpaste

Dentists do advise brushing your dentures at least once a day to keep the bacteria away. As the teeth on dentures are artificial, the bacteria may not directly harm them, but they can always come into contact with your gums and cause troubles. While brushing, you may be tempted to use teeth whitening toothpaste for your dentures. But they hardly have any effects on the artificial teeth. So, it is no use. You can talk to your dentist about replacing the dentures if they look worn out and pale.

5. Visit your dentist at the prescribed intervals

This is something that can keep your dentures as well as oral health sound. Regular visits to your dentists are a must for longer-lasting dentures. Your dentist can help you with any issues that you might be facing in the maintenance of your dentures and guide you when it’s the appropriate time to replace them. Regular oral health check-ups are also necessary to ward off any oral health issues when they first appear and stop them from growing into big troubles.

These were some classic tips to help you get used to dentures and look after them. For more information about it or other full mouth rehabilitation, feel free to consult our Blackburn dentist at Healthy Smiles Dental Group, or call us on 03 9877 2035. We consider patients comfort and well-being as our highest priority.

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