Invisalign treatment has become popular among people for the numerous benefits it offers throughout the treatment. One of the most significant advantages is that you would never feel nervous after wearing them. Unlike old-fashioned braces, Invisalign is lightweight, comfortable, and, most importantly, virtually invisible. The clear aligners are made of thermoplastic for optimum comfort. Our amazing dentists at Healthy Smiles suggest wearing each set for at least two weeks and then replacing it with the following set of aligners. However, you may feel slight discomfort or soreness till your mouth and teeth adjust to your new aligners.

Here are some Invisalign hack or tips to make your Invisalign more comfortable. Let’s begin.

Tips to Make Your Invisalign More Comfortable 


Tip #1: Use A Cold Compress

An ice pack or cold washcloth can do wonders if you are suffering from soreness or discomfort caused by your new aligners. Just hold the cold compress or ice pack along your jawline at 15 minutes intervals. This will reduce the inflammatory response that you may feel in your jaw and gums.

Tip #2: Drink Chilled Beverages

Like ice packs or cold compress, chilled beverages like sugar-free drinks, cold water, and ice can help you to reduce your pain. It is an easy, safe, and effective way of pain reduction. Our amazing dentists never recommend sugary drinks as they may cause damage to your teeth.

Coldwater is an amazing option that allows you to cool and soothe your jaw and gums. You can also use ice cubes to get relief from discomfort.

Tip #3: Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly to get healthy teeth and gums. The healthier your gums are, the less they get irritated by your new aligner tray.

If you have sensitive gums, use a soft toothbrush with thin floss-tipped bristle, toothpaste with fluoride, and an antiseptic mouthwash recommended by dentists. Our caring dentists provide tips on how to care for your teeth and gums better to avoid pain throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Tip #4: Don’t Smoke

Smoking is very dangerous for your oral health. It not only stains the teeth but also weakens the blood vessels in your gum, leading to bleeding gums and other dental issues. Moreover, some cigarettes contain substances that can cause dryness inside the mouth. Dry mouth can lead to gum disease like sensitive gums and more.

Tip #5: Use Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Medicines

If your new aligners are causing intense gum pain, you should take anti-inflammatory pain relief medicines. This can significantly reduce your pain within a few hours. However, please consult our dentists before taking any pain medications.

Tip #6: Switch Aligners Before Bed

This can help you reduce your pain as your teeth shift, move, as well as adjust to your new aligners.

Healthy Smiles is Here to Help You

At Healthy Smiles, we want your Invisalign treatment to be as painless as possible. Our professional dentists use advanced techniques and equipment for patients so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment. Please feel free to contact our dentists for more tips about how you can make your Invisalign more comfortable. If your aligner tray is bothering you, we may need to check its fit. Call us immediately if you are experiencing extreme pain than usual at any point throughout your treatment.

You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details.

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Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

Phone Number: 03 9877 2035

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