Cosmetic dentistry has long been proven much more than just vanity. Those of us who know the importance of a sparkling set of teeth are religiously following a healthy oral hygiene routine and visiting their dentist for regular check-ups. But we have friends amongst us who are still afraid of visiting the dentist and going for the teeth whitening treatment in particular.

If you are anxious about visiting a dentist, this article is for you! Technology has made teeth whitening completely safe, provided it is being performed by an experienced dental professional. Healthy Smiles Dental Group is proud to be providing zoom teeth whitening service from quite a long time.

Of course, teeth whitening toothpaste are an easy option, but they hardly compare with the results of an in-chair teeth whitening treatment. Also, there are reasons when teeth whitening becomes inevitable.

So, keep your fears aside for a while, take a deep breath and just read through these reasons.

Top 7 Reasons for Teeth Whitening Treatment

1. To remove stains and discolouration

The basic reason why we need teeth whitening treatment is to remove persistent stains and discolouration acquired through an unhealthy diet over the years. Certain foods and drinks add to staining and discolouring your teeth besides aging. You can get them removed in a single appointment with your dentist and have your pearly whites back.

2. Enhancing appearance for upcoming special occasions

Imagine you have to attend your friend’s wedding which is just around the corner. You have been busy lately and unable to spend time in getting yourself a makeover that you wanted. What can be a quick fix to this problem is one appointment with your teeth whitening dentist. It will complement your looks for the big day.

3. Having an impressive job interview

Stained teeth are not considered a virtue, not even in the professional world! Recruiters are not wrong in thinking that, “if a person cannot take care of their teeth properly, how can they manage an important position in our organisation?” You need to appear impeccable to get the job of your dreams, besides having a strong resume and necessary skills. Zoom teeth whitening can help you achieve a clean look for that big interview you have been waiting to crack.

4. Sideline the symptoms of aging for a while

Aging brings many changes in a person’s appearance including your teeth which turn pale with time. If you are a few years ahead of others and do not like this fact, you need not show them that! You can always take refuge in teeth whitening, which will clean the yellows and add a new effect to your teeth.

5. Elevate your self-confidence

Pale and untidy teeth often make us worry about our appearance more. But having your teeth whitened can help restore the lost confidence. You will be more confident in conversating with everyone, especially new people, without the fear of being judged for the condition of your teeth. Many of our patients have found this experience liberating.

6. Appearing amiable

Isn’t it obvious? If you are not worried about your appearance and are confident enough, you seem quite friendly. You tend to smile more carelessly and more often. And smiling more can make you happier and look friendly. Walking away from the dark or pale teeth that made you look rough and scared can help you establish a new friendly image.

7. Improve oral hygiene habits

Teeth whitening results are not permanent. Their duration lasts as per your maintenance habits. Avoiding certain lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption and following a proper oral hygiene routine can make the results last longer. Patients often experience the results to last for a duration from six months to two years, depending upon the type of teeth whitening opted and the follow-through. Following your dentist’s advice for maintaining good oral hygiene can have its benefits.

Teeth whitening treatments are becoming more popular with each day. But their application varies from person to person. Hence, it is advisable to consult your dentist before opting for a tooth whitening product.

If you want to know more about Zoom teeth whitening solution, you can always reach our dentists at Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic in Blackburn or call us on 03 9877 2035 to book an appointment.

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