As a part of the Australian Dental Association, all the dentists at Healthy Smiles must follow the Code of Ethics (as set by ADA). However, we like to take customer service to the next level and provide our patients with the same care and comfort as we would to our family members.

We love to see smiling and happy customers. Besides providing a variety of oral treatments and services, our amazing dentists also offer advice on the prevention of oral diseases through proper oral care at home. Healthy Smiles wants you and your family to have good oral health and have beautiful teeth and healthy gums. All our dentists and specialists excel at various aspects of dentistry and will assist you and your family with all your dental requirements.

1. Your Kids Will Love Our Clinic

Healthy Smiles treats you as family

Anxiety and fear are common for children to experience when they arrive at a dental clinic. But it is also important for them to undergo regular dental check-ups or treatments if required to maintain good oral health. At Healthy Smiles, we have a wonderful team of friendly and gentle dentists who are trained to work with children. They are welcoming and very gentle. They strive to make the children as comfortable as possible before a check-up or treatment.

2. Fun and Caring Team for You and Your Family

Healthy Smiles treats you as family

At Healthy Smiles, we can help every member of your family at various stages of the lives by providing them with the oral care required and ensure optimum oral health for life. We have a team of caring and gentle dental professionals who want all their patients to feel that their oral requirements are taken care of at the hands of caring dentists. We promote preventive oral care for kids and adults and consider it a priority. Our dentists encourage parents to begin oral care for their kids at a young age. We try our best to make your dental visits fun and friendly, even if you are here at our clinic for a routine check-up.

3. Detailed Consultation Session

dental crown-dental implant-how to look after the dental crown

Our dentists don’t like to rush into things and take time to understand your goals for oral health. They conduct a detailed diagnosis of your teeth and, together with you, devise a custom plan that best suits your needs and condition. We offer different types of dental solutions that will give you a bright and confident smile. Our dentists also understand that a new patient may be nervous during their first visit and consultation session. They go the extra mile when performing their examination, always keeping their comfort as a priority.

4. People of All Ages are Welcome to Our Clinic

Most Caring dentist in Blackburn

We have designed our Healthy Smiles dental office to address the needs of every person in your family. Dental needs change as children grow and progress in their lives as adults. We look forward to growing with you by establishing a long relationship that will encourage good oral habits and allow your entire family to achieve optimum oral health. Whether it is a minor oral procedure such as teeth whitening or a more complicated one such as extreme toothache, we will help you get rid of all oral issues by providing you with effective dental solutions. Children, adults, and the elderly – everyone at Healthy Smiles are welcome at our dental clinic.

Family Friendly dentists Blackburn

We use a custom approach to provide our patients of all ages with optimum dental care. Our personalized services will let you experience a wonderful dental visit where your comfort and ease are valued.

Healthy Smiles treats you as family

You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details:


Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

Phone Number: 03 9877 2035

WhatsApp Number: 0420676453

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