Does a feeling of dread pass over you every time someone mentions going to the dentist? How do you find yourself feeling when you walk into a dental clinic? If the whole experience of getting treatment by a dentist makes you feel nervous, you might be interested in what follows.

These symptoms suggest that you might be suffering from dental anxiety. To know more about this condition and ways to overcome it, keep reading!

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a feeling of gripping fear towards dental procedures, dentists, dental equipment, dental clinics, and everything else related to dental treatments. If left unaddressed, it can also convert into a more severe form known as dental phobia. It is best to acknowledge your or your loved one’s dental anxiety and try to solve it early on.

The most common way suggested by dentists to solve dental anxiety is using sleep dentistry to perform a dental procedure while making the patient relaxed. It is also known as sedation dentistry as it involves the use of sedatives to soothe patients.

Let us know more about the common reasons behind dental anxiety and ways to overcome them.

The everyday worries that patients have when they visit a dentist

1. Assuming it is going to hurt

Seeing the dental equipment, the chair, the sound of the whizzing dental drill, are all recipe for inducing a sense of dread in some patients. It also makes them assume that the procedure will be painful. But that is the common myth. Not all dental procedures are painful. And for those that are hurting indeed, dentists suggest sleep dentistry, as mentioned above.

With just the right sedation, you can relax and worry the least about pain. Sleep dentistry makes the whole process of dental treatment comfortable for the patient.

2. Been through a bad experience in the past

It is a fact! Bad experiences in the past leave a lasting effect on a patient’s memory. Certain smells of medicine and sounds can also remind people of their past bad experiences with the dentists and induce fear. But it is essential to know that no two dentists are the same. Consulting a highly qualified and experienced dentist after getting good reviews about them from previous patients may help ensure right dental treatment.

What’s done is done. There is no use mulling over that bad experience and risking your oral health for the same. Select a dentist more carefully in future and keep your teeth healthy.

3. Feeling helpless due to loss of control

Patients often feel helpless lying on the dentist’s chair. One of the main reasons behind it can be the lack of knowledge of what procedure is to be followed? Patients find themselves lying there without a clue of what’s going to happen? And that is scary! To reduce the stress caused by this condition, gentle dentists practice sharing the course of their treatment with the patients too.

Our Gentle dentists always work with the individual patient’s situation and understands their concern. The dentists will let you know about the procedure and will ensure that you feel calm and comfortable during the dental treatment. This method of dentistry works wonders for anxious patients.

4. Fear of needles

Needles can cause distress to even the bravest of us. The reasons might be related to early childhood. One way to overcome this fear is to seek help from dentistry that does not involve the use of needles. For sleep dentistry, there is are options of sedation through inhalation or oral sedation that do not include needles. There is also a cutting edge technology known as wand dentistry that can be beneficial to all those who fear needles.

5. Embarrassed about the state of oral health

One reason to feel anxious about visiting the dentist might also stem from the embarrassment of the current state of oral health. Those who do not follow a healthy oral hygiene routine might end up having bad teeth which also invite several other dental issues. And when going for dental treatment showing their teeth might embarrass many.

One way to overcome this condition is to follow a regular and healthy oral hygiene routine. And the other is to trust the dentist. They are there to help you, and not to mock you.

6. Anxious for the cost of treatment

The cost of treatment may also cause dental anxiety. Budgetary constraints may land us all into being anxious after all. But on the bright side, dentists often offer various dental payment plan solutions to help patients overcome financial issues and ask for professional dental care.

Our dentists at Healthy Smiles Dental Group in Blackburn help you experience virtually pain-free dentistry. You may rely on our experienced and gentle dentists and dental staff to provide you with the best treatment as per your requirements. Visit us during work hours or call us on 03 9877 2035 to know more.

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