Providing patients with a comfortable and pain-free dental treatment experience has forever been a core look-out in dentistry. Sleep dentistry has solved the anxiety issues of many patients. But many people still fear needles as much as they fear dental treatments. There was a need for a method to provide necessary sedatives to dental patients without a needle.

That is where Injex needleless devices stepped in, to ease the discomfort of all those who have extreme to mild dental and needle phobia. Patients can have a dental treatment sans the pain of needles that make them cringe. Here is all that you need to know about Injex needleless.

What is Injex needleless?

Injex needleless is, as its name suggests, an instrument designed with state-of-the-art technology to drive anaesthesia and other medications into the desired area of a person’s body without using a needle. It uses a very short burst of high pressure to deliver the medication through the skin. This technological breakthrough gives dental patients a virtually painless experience and motivates them for being attentive to their dental care needs.

Injex needleless help make dental works more hygienic, comfortable, convenient, and pleasant to go through. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Injex needleless and decide for yourself.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Injex needleless?


  • These devices are simple in structure and easy to use, even for kids.
  • It makes the experience of injecting anaesthesia virtually painless for patients.
  • No painful marks or needle wounds are left to deal with after treatment.
  • There is no risk of needles inadvertently used again and spreading infection.
  • Injex needleless devices are easy to store because of the absence of needles. The medications are not prone to leakage from the devices.
  • The method to inject medication through the skin results in rapid diffusion and resorption as compared to traditional injections with needles.
  • These devices are cost-effective and durable.


  • It is not meant for the intravenous route, i.e., dentists cannot use it for IV sedation.
  • You need to get them from appropriately trained professionals.

Where can I get Injex needleless for dentistry?

Healthy Smiles Dental Group is proud of being professionally trained and adopting to use Injex needleless for delivering the right amount of anaesthesia to many dental patients. It is time you stopped worrying about the discomfort and pain of needles and dental treatments. With the help of Injex needleless, our dentists have performed various dental works, ranging from easy to complex, efficiently.

We, at Healthy Smiles Dental Group, cater to all dental care needs, keeping in mind the comfort of our patients. We work towards achieving a painless dental treatment experience that motivates patients to pay heed to their dental well-being. Many of our patients have benefited from this method and have had underlying serious dental issues, which got delayed because of needle phobia, treated well.

If you are in Blackburn or anywhere in the greater Melbourne area, you can also drop by our clinic during work hours to get an initial consultation from our dentists. For more information on the same, feel free to contact us on 03 9877 2035.

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