dental anxiety is no secret. People often confess their suffering from dental anxiety or phobia as the reason behind their avoidance of dental appointments. Over the years, sleep dentistry has advanced manyfold to help such patients overcome their fears and look after their oral health. Visiting a dentist has been made easier than before. And amongst the various sedation options available, twilight sedation is one of the most commonly used forms of sedation.

What is twilight sedation?

Twilight sedation
is a form of sleep dentistry which consists of administering intravenous sedatives by qualified anaesthetists or a dentist specially trained in IV sedation. It is a comparatively milder sedation option compared to general anaesthesia. It is also known as IV sedation or conscious sedation and produces a relaxing effect where the patient is less aware of the surroundings. It helps patients have a pain-free dental procedure experience.

What is the process of twilight sedation?

The process begins with the first appointment with a dentist and ends with wear-out of sedation effects. The step-by-step procedure for twilight sedation can be as follows:

1. Medical history

The first step for the process of twilight sedation is analysing the medical history of a patient. Our dentists at Healthy Smiles Dental Group make sure each patient completes a medical history questionnaire before proceeding with sleep dentistry. The medical history is important to know the allergic reactions to medicine, diseases, and medical conditions of a patient. It is only when the patient is found completely suitable for sleep dentistry, that our dentists permit them to go further.

2. Twilight Sedation

Before performing the dental surgery, anaesthetists administer IV sedation in the required amounts. The effects of intravenous sedation start to show faster compared to other forms of sedation due to its form of application. Twilight sedation is also known as controlled sedation because it can be administered in controlled doses, as required, throughout the whole dental procedure. The level of sleep the patient will experience can be controlled up to an extent. The sedation can often be accompanied by analgesics to remove any form of pain.

Healthy Smiles Dental Group has specialist anaesthetists in their team who can be present during the dental procedure. There is generally no need for our patients to go to a hospital for sleep dentistry. All sleep dentistry procedures can be performed at our Blackburn clinic under normal circumstances.

3. Dental procedure

When the patient is comfortable enough, the dentists carry on with the dental procedure. The dental procedure can be a root canal treatment, placing dental crowns or veneers, placing dental implants, etc. The duration of the dental treatment can last for as minimum as 30 minutes and extend for up to 2 hours depending upon the complexity of the dental issue.

4. Recovery

The final step of the sleep dentistry procedure is recovery. The patient is allowed to relax and recover for a few minutes immediately following dental surgery. Once the effects of sedation start to wear-off, patients can go home. There is no need for hospitalisation. Appropriate take-home medicines are also provided to each patient for better and faster recovery.

When is twilight sedation useful?

As we already know, it is useful to treat patients suffering from dental anxiety or phobia. It helps in the following conditions too:

  • When the patient requires complex dental procedures.
  • When the patient is suffering from high levels of stress due to dental procedures.
  • When the patient has a low threshold for pain.
  • When the patient suffers from a severe gag reflex.

Twilight sedation can be quite helpful to patients, who can relax and have a painless experience, as well as dentists who can perform dental surgeries without any hindrance. For more information on twilight sedation, feel free to contact our team of experts at Healthy Smiles Dental Group in Blackburn on 03 9877 2035. You may also drop by during work hours and have your dental worries addressed compassionately.

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